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** Number 2 Food and Drink app in US **
** Number 1 Food and Drink app in Canada **

The Official LULORA 14 Day High Raw Detox has been designed by nutrition and lifestyle experts to bring you a powerful, easy and delicious detox that will help you refresh & renew.

No potions or pills, this detox makes use of natural, whole-foods that provide an abundance of vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients that will have you feeling your best in no time.

How does it work?

The 14 day detox is a meal plan, complete with recipes & shopping lists.  

It’s divided into 2 separate weeks: 

Week one is called “cleaning up your plate” and is all about removing potential problem foods like wheat and dairy and highlighting the natural cleansing effects of smoothies and nutrient dense raw foods.

Week two is called “finding your groove” and introduces more habits and recipes you’ll want to keep using – long after your two week detox is over. We still include smoothies and raw foods but begin to introduce other recipes as well.

In total there are 90 detoxifying recipes in the app.

Here’s some examples:
• Cinammon Apple Porridge & fresh Almond milk
• Beet Avocado & Appletini Salad
• Loaded Kale Caesar Salad
• Gentle Detox Smoothie
• Coco Butternut Squash Soup
• Blueberry Antioxidant Smoothie
• Sesame Cabbage Slaw
• Creamy Broccoflower Soup
• Arugula Pesto w/ Zucchini 
• Spring Veggie Burgers
• Mango Detox Smoothie
• Ginger Broccoli Rice Bowl
• Authentic Black Bean Soup
• Moroccan Lentil Soup
• Rainbow Cabbage Slaw
• Perfect Guacamole
• Baked Kale Chips
• Super Nutrients Trail Mix

Recipes are easy to prepare and are ready to eat in 10-20 minutes.  All you need is a blender, no other kitchen appliances are necessary! (A food processor would be nice though!)

Aside from the recipes there’s also a number of guides included as well.  Over 80,000 of our clients have used these guides to lose weight and feel their best & we include them here for you, for FREE!
• Introduction & Guide to Using Super-foods
• Why Detoxing is Essential for Health
• Weight-loss Wisdom 
• A Guide to Healthy Fats
• As well as much more, available through an optional email guide.


Nutritionists, Naturopathic Doctors & Plant-Based Athletes, the members of the LULORA team want you to be healthy because they believe that healthy people get more out of life. While our team explore multiple roads to elevating your health, we are most excited about the transformative power of food:

Food is central to our environment and cultures, our communities and families, our minds and bodies. Food is at the beginning, middle and end of everyday, and in between it occupies our conversations, thoughts and cravings. Our actions and choices around food can serve as a contribution to our planet’s health, a betterment of our society, and as a path to your more energetic body and  brighter mind. It is medicine, it is activism, it is a lifestyle. 

"We're all about engaging people on taking their first steps toward health. Our team & services make those steps fun & make them stick.”
John & Simon, Founders of LULORA
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